Gloves Rinat Uno Premier Lux Yellow

Rinat Uno Premier Lux football goalkeeper gloves Yellow

Goalkeeper glove very tight to the hand. Experience a great sense of comfort when coming into contact with the ball. Very light and moldable glove.

Conditions of use: Low humidity, dry,

Natural terrain.

Use: High performance training and matches.

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Rinat Uno Premier Lux football goalkeeper gloves Yellow

Main features of the Rinat Uno Premier Lux football goalkeeper glove Green:

-Back: Glove made with high volume and latex frequency latex to give greater cushioning and body to the glove, all this mounted on a breathable textile mesh that keeps the interior fresh and comfortable.

-Cut palm: Flat cut gloves on the palm.

-Palma: Rinat Duo Grip latex palm glove (double palm). The inner layer of the latex adheres and adjusts to the hand like a second skin thus preventing the glove from moving from its place which is very comfortable.

- DUALINK Technology: Technology developed to provide a thin protective layer to the latex, blocks some pores preventing water absorption.

-Wristband / Closure: Neoprene closure with frequent flexion points to provide greater freedom of movement.

Uno Premier Lux
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