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Free shipping from € 50

Goalkeeper gloves with protections ® Elitekeepers

At Elitekeepers we know that being safe and protected is an essential requirement when it comes to being under the sticks, for this reason, we have created a section of goalkeeper gloves with protections, a section where only goalkeeper gloves with finger protections appear.

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Why buy goalkeeper gloves with protections?

At Elitekeepers we know that even the best defense needs reinforcements, which is why it is necessary to have goalkeeper gloves with protections.

A large majority of our goalkeeper gloves have between 4 and 5 removable finger guards to protect the goalkeepers' hands. Soccer goalkeepers' fingers are vulnerable to impact.

The goalkeeper gloves with protections for children defend the hands of the little ones while they defend their goal!

Do goalkeeper gloves with protectors reduce hand movement?

No. Goalkeeper gloves with protections are made up of ribs that block movement or backward impact, preventing the fingers from bending and causing injury.

All protection rods allow great flexibility and movement in the hands. Also, most models have the option of playing without rods since most are removable.

You decide if your goalkeeper gloves have ribs or not! At Elitekeepers we have a wide variety of child goalkeeper gloves with protections.

Advantages of buying goalkeeper gloves with finger protection online

More and more people buy online. Buying goalkeeper gloves with finger protection online has many advantages.

When buying online you don't have to wait in line, you can benefit from great offers and most importantly, you have the entire collection in front of you.

Our section of goalkeeper gloves with protections offers many advantages. Some of the benefits are:

✓ Free delivery on orders over €50.

✓ Free size changes.

✓ We manufacture gloves with removable finger protections.

✓ Our gloves with protections for goalkeepers are made with top quality materials.

✓ 100% secure payments.

✓ Save time and buy cheap goalkeeper gloves with protections

✓ Open 24 hours a day.

Now you can buy the best football gloves with protections with the Elite Sport guarantee!

If you are looking for goalkeeper gloves for other features, below we show you our different categories so that you can easily navigate and find the glove that best suits your needs.

Gloves with protections according to the cut of the palm:

- Flat palm goalkeeper gloves

- Hybrid palm goalkeeper gloves

- Negative palm goalkeeper gloves

- Rollfinger palm goalkeeper gloves

Gloves with protections according to their characteristics:

- Artificial grass goalkeeper gloves

- Water palm goalkeeper gloves