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Hybrid cut soccer goalkeeper gloves

The football goalkeeper gloves with Hybrid cut are the most used today by all goalkeepers, regardless of age.

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€102.00 €120.00 -15%

Adidas Predator Pro Hybrid Game Data Gloves

Hybrid cut goalkeeper gloves

Professional goalkeeper gloves

€67.50 €90.00 -25%

KEEPERsport Varan 7 Champ Power Gamebreaker Gloves

Hybrid cut goalkeeper gloves

Professional goalkeeper gloves.

€97.49 €129.99 -25%

Uhlsport Speed Contact Supergrip + HN Gloves

Goalkeeper gloves with hybrid cut: Negative and Roll

Professional goalkeeper gloves

€72.00 €120.00 -40%

Adidas Predator Sapphire Edge GL Pro Hybrid Gloves

Hybrid cut goalkeeper gloves

Professional goalkeeper gloves


Football goalkeeper gloves One Gloves GEO 3.0 Vision White

Hybrid palm cut goalkeeper gloves - Negative. 8New Hyla SL cut with negative thumb)

€22.19 €73.95 -70%

DNA of the KALIAAER PWRLITE XT UNITY22 goalkeeper glove

  • 3D printed PWRlite impact ink backing
  • HI>DRI body
  • White Ultra Change Pro+LATEX PRE:LOADED
  • +ON|OF- Speed system


HANG: AER LOOP | HI>DRI antibacterial fabric lining | wrap over thumb | wrap under thumb


red | White | Blue

€52.13 €69.50 -25%

One Gloves GEO 3.0 MIDNIGHT football goalkeeper gloves black

Goalkeeper gloves with Negative palm cut.

Newcastle goalkeeper gloves Martin Dúbravka

€48.97 €69.95 -30%

Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves One Gloves GEO 3.0 Entity

Goalkeeper gloves with Negative palm cut.

€31.98 €63.95 -50%

One Gloves SLYR Pure football goalkeeper gloves

Hybrid palm-cut goalie gloves

€31.98 €63.95 -50%

Soccer Gloves Gloves One Gloves SLYR EJ1

Goalkeeper gloves with Hybrid palm cut and removable finger protections.

Exclusive glove of Eldin Jakupović from Leicester City

€19.49 €64.95 -70%

One Gloves SLYR BOSS soccer goalkeeper gloves

Goalkeeper gloves with Hybrid palm cut.

€24.98 €49.95 -50%

One Gloves SLYR LTX Strike Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

Hybrid palm cut goalkeeper gloves

The hybrid cut combines two different types of cut. The most common hybrid cut gloves are those that combine the Roll and Flat or Roll and Negative cut, although there is a wide variety of models.

Main characteristics of gloves with hybrid cut.

Among the main characteristics of the gloves with Hybrid cut it is necessary to say, that they are very comfortable, and that it fits perfectly to the anatomy of the hand.

The gloves with Hybrid cut, is increasingly demanded by professional goalkeepers since it meets two essential requirements.

On the one hand, the Hybrid cut provides great comfort and on the other hand, the grip is unbeatable because the combination of several cuts makes the grip surface greater than contact with the ball.

You decide if you prefer a goalkeeper glove with Hybrid cut, with Roll-Finger or Roll-Negative cut. In Elitekeepers we have so many models that you won't know where to start.

In any case, if you place an order over € 50, we deliver your gloves with Hybrid cut to your home for free.

We guarantee a 100% secure payment, and if you want to change your hybrid palm gloves, we also manage it for free.

Get your hybrid goalkeeper gloves online and show off the best style.

If you want to see all our models, stop by our goalkeeper gloves section, we have a large selection of brands at Elitekeepers.