EK SAMURAI goalkeeper gloves
EK SAMURAI goalkeeper gloves
EK SAMURAI goalkeeper gloves
EK SAMURAI goalkeeper gloves
EK SAMURAI goalkeeper gloves
EK SAMURAI goalkeeper gloves
EK SAMURAI goalkeeper gloves
EK SAMURAI goalkeeper gloves

Elitekeepers EK Samurai goalkeeper gloves

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Discover the EK SAMURAI goalkeeper gloves by Elitekeepers, designed with a hybrid Roll/Negative cut for maximum control. Ideal for professionals looking for superior performance and advanced protection. Create your own luck at every stop!


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Elitekeepers Warrior Series EK SAMURAI Goalkeeper Gloves

Discover the EK SAMURAI goalkeeper gloves, the star model of the Elitekeepers Warrior Series! Designed for goalkeepers who face each match with the bravery and determination of a true warrior, these gloves offer a perfect combination of advanced protection, exceptional performance and unsurpassed comfort.

EK WARRIOR SERIES by Elitekeepers is designed for the true warriors of the field, those who are not afraid to face the toughest challenges. With robust construction and advanced protective features, the EK WARRIOR SERIES gloves ensure durability and performance, giving you the safety you need at every stop.

Elitekeepers' most advanced goalkeeper gloves. These gloves are dedicated to all goalkeepers who see fighting as a way of life, offering guaranteed precision and control in every save. Take your game to the next level with the Warrior Series and feel the difference in every action!

Main features of the EK SAMURAI soccer goalkeeper gloves:

Palm: Professional Latex EK CONTACT SUPERGRIP III

  • Color: Elegant black palm.
  • Material: 4mm thick professional grade contact latex.
  • Performance: Maximum sensitivity and natural mobility in all weather conditions.
  • Grip: Offers one of the best grips on the market, ideal for dry and wet terrain.
  • Durability: High resistance to wear, ensuring a long useful life.

Palm Cut: Hybrid - Roll/Negative

  • Design: Hybrid cut with EK maximum control technology and side openings.
  • Coverage: Thumb partially covered in latex for greater grip in critical points.
  • Flexibility: Palm with additional coverage on the outer back and fingertips, offering a great feeling of control and security.
  • Mobility: Specific cuts that provide extra flexibility and mobility.

Back/Back: Light and Flexible Neoprene

  • Material: One-piece neoprene construction with micro-perforations for excellent breathability.
  • Color: Back in modern black.
  • Protection: 3D silicone injection on almost the entire back to cushion impacts and offer greater precision in fist clearances.
  • Technology: Advanced technology that ensures effective shock absorption.

Lining/Interior: Comfort and Absorption

  • Material: Soft inner lining with 4 mm of thermal and super absorbent foam.
  • Comfort: Absorbs sweat, combats the appearance of odors and provides a feeling of comfort and well-being.
  • Structure: Lining that makes the glove very armed and comfortable throughout the game.

Closure/Wristband: Secure and Adjustable System

  • Adjustment: Double-loop elastic wrist closure system with Velcro for a perfect fit.
  • Safety: Provides the necessary support for blows and prevents wrist injuries.
  • Versatility: Removable closure to adapt to your preferences.

Finger Protection: Without Protections

  • Design: Without finger protection for greater freedom of movement and sensitivity.

The EK SAMURAI goalkeeper gloves are designed for goalkeepers who live the game with the intensity and precision of a samurai. Explore the EK SAMURAI model and take your performance to the next level with the protection, control and comfort that only Elitekeepers can offer. Place your order today and feel the difference at every stop!

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