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Discover our section of goalkeeper gloves grip types, choose goalkeeper gloves with better grip and feel safe in the goal.

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Goalkeeper gloves with good grip

In Elitekeepers we have created an exclusive section where you can see goalkeeper gloves according to his grip. Hand safety is key to a football goalkeeper, so the importance of having goalkeeper gloves with good grip or maximum grip goalkeeper.

The latex used by manufacturing brands is key to knowing if a glove has a good grip or not. In elitekeepers we use natural latex latex, so all the products of our EK brand are goalkeeper gloves.

How to improve goalkeeper gloves

As we have mentioned earlier, the most important thing is that the latex with which the glove has been made of good quality. If this is fulfilled, the second thing to do is take care and keep the latex of our gloves. We must also remember that today there are products that can be used to improve the grip of goalkeeper gloves such as sprays or cleaning products.

Types of palms in goalkeeper gloves:

- Goalkeeper gloves flat palm

- Goalkeeper gloves with hybrid palm

- Goalkeeper gloves negative palm

- Goalkeeper gloves rollfinger palm

Types of goalkeeper gloves according to their characteristics:

Artificial grass goalkeeper gloves

Water palm goalkeeper gloves

Goalkeeper gloves with protections