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Soccer goalkeeper gloves for artificial turf

Welcome to our soccer goalkeeper gloves section for artificial turf, here you will find the latex palm goalie gloves for synthetic fields and artificial turf.

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Ho Soccer One Negative Lime soccer goalkeeper gloves

Goalkeeper gloves with palm cut Negative.

To be safe on the court is essential, to have a good grip, a flexible glove, which is made of good materials ... At Elitekeepers we know it, but we also know that our customers also want a goalkeeper glove for artificial grass that is durable.

What is the difference of goalkeeper gloves for synthetic field?

The main feature of the synthetic field goalkeeper gloves is the composition of the latex. At Elitekeepers we have the best goalkeeper gloves manufacturers.

These products stand out because they are manufactured with a special latex for artificial grass, these products ensure that the durability of the glove is twice as usual and also, the grip is not affected.

Today, most football fields are made of artificial grass. Until recently, only gloves for natural grass fields were manufactured but the technological advances that exist allow us to manufacture archer gloves for synthetic grass. In addition, the grip is not affected.

Buy goalkeeper gloves with artificial grass palm with the Elitekeepers guarantee!