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René Higuita is an emblematic brand that was born from the Colombian soccer legend, René Higuita, known worldwide for his innovative and bold "scorpion save." This iconic gesture not only revolutionized the world of football, but also encapsulates the spirit of the brand: bold, innovative and unafraid to challenge convention. The René Higuita brand is dedicated to offering high-quality products designed to reflect the passion, style and bravery that defined the former goalkeeper's career.

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Do you know the René Higuita brand? Discover the essence of a football legend

Logo: The brand's logo is a scorpion, symbolizing the famous save with his feet that made Higuita famous and representing the audacity and uniqueness of the goalkeeper. This logo is a constant reminder of the creativity and courage that René showed on the field, and which is now transmitted through every product of the brand.

What does the René Higuita brand offer?

From goalkeeper gloves to sportswear, find high-quality products that embody the bold spirit of René Higuita.

Featured Products:

  • Goalkeeper Gloves: Our gloves are designed and manufactured in collaboration with the prestigious goalkeeper brand Elitekeepers, providing maximum grip and protection. Using state-of-the-art materials, these gloves ensure durability and superior performance, ideal for both professional goalkeepers and amateurs looking to improve their game.
  • Goalkeeper Clothing: Includes a variety of shirts, pants and complete uniforms, made with technical fabrics that offer breathability, comfort and resistance. Each garment is designed to withstand the demands of the sport, keeping players comfortable and focused.
  • General Clothing: Our line of general clothing ranges from t-shirts and sweatshirts to caps and accessories. These products combine style and functionality, allowing fans and athletes to carry the essence of football with them in their daily lives. The designs are inspired by Higuita's unique and charismatic style, offering a variety of options for all ages and genders.

Slogan: "Defy convention, be unique."

René Higuita Brand Values

  • Innovation: In every product, the brand incorporates advanced technology and innovative design to improve performance and comfort, ensuring our customers always have a competitive advantage.
  • Audacity: Each item reflects Higuita's bravery and unmistakable style, encouraging users to play with courage and creativity.
  • Quality: Committed to excellence, every detail of our products is meticulously designed and tested to ensure the highest quality standards.
  • Authenticity: The brand celebrates the history and unmistakable character of René Higuita, fusing his legacy with the modern needs of athletes and fans.


René Higuita's mission is to inspire and equip athletes and fans with products that not only improve their performance, but also allow them to express their passion and uniqueness on and off the field. We seek to be a symbol of innovation and audacity in the world of sports, offering solutions that challenge the limits of convention.

René Higuita is not just a brand, it is a tribute to the creativity and fearless spirit of football. We offer products that allow our users to stand out, play with confidence and, above all, be unique.