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ELITEKEPERS goalkeeper gloves

If you are looking for quality goalkeeper and give security in your hands, in Elitekeepers we make it easy for you, buy soccer goalkeeper gloves is no longer a problem, we have the best marking brands for goalkeepers in this section

Ready to buy professional goalkeeper gloves? Welcome to Elitekeepers, the best goalkeeper online store in the world, in this section you will find soccer gloves of the best brands.

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€125.99 €139.99 -10%

Uhlsport Powerline Supergrip+ HN Gloves Mike Maignan Special Edition

€71.99 €79.99 -10%

Uhlsport Powerline Absolutgrip HN Mike Maignan Special Edition goalkeeper gloves. Features: Gloves with patented Absolutgrip latex, negative palm cut, lightweight neoprene body and adjustable velcro closure.

€82.50 €110.00 -25%

Nike Vapor Grip3 Peak Ready Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

Goalkeeper gloves with Hybrid cut

Professional goalkeeper gloves

€48.75 €65.00 -25%

Nike Grip 3 Peak Ready Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

The Nike Goalkeeper Vapor Grip3 gloves are designed for use in dry and wet conditions. The adjustable strap and foam cushioning give you a firmer grip, and the lower wristband allows your hand to move naturally. Goalkeeper gloves with Hybrid cut: Flat/Roll

Professional goalkeeper gloves

€117.00 €130.00 -10%

Adidas Predator Hybrid Solar Energy Gloves

Goalkeeper gloves with Hybrid cut

Professional goalkeeper gloves

€76.50 €90.00 -15%

KEEPERsport Varan 7 Champ NC Aqua Gloves

Goalkeeper gloves with Negative cut

Professional goalkeeper gloves.

€52.50 €75.00 -30%

Adidas Predator League NC Marinerush Gloves

Goalkeeper gloves with Negative cut

Professional goalkeeper gloves

€22.48 €44.95 -50%

Elitekeepers René Higuita Limited Edition 4 Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves - Numbered Series.

Goalkeeper gloves with Negative cut

Kids Goalkeeper Gloves - Sizes 3 to 11


Elitekeepers René Higuita Limited Edition 3 Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves - Numbered Series.

Goalkeeper gloves with Hybrid cut – Roll/Negative

Professional goalkeeper gloves


Elitekeepers René Higuita Limited Edition 2 Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves - Numbered Series.

Goalkeeper gloves with Hybrid cut – Roll/Negative

Professional goalkeeper gloves


Elitekeepers René Higuita Limited Edition 1 Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves - Numbered Series.

Goalkeeper gloves with Hybrid cut – Roll/Negative

Professional goalkeeper gloves

€42.00 €60.00 -30%

Nike Grip3 Ready goalkeeper gloves in red, with Grip3 cut, greater cushioning, light feel and exceptional comfort.

You are the football gloves that you will see and want to wear, it tracks our goalkeeper gloves section in search of the models you are going to want now!

Goalkeeper gloves made of the best materials

Elitekeepers was born thanks to a father who was tired of changing and having to buy expensive goalkeeper and poor quality.

Tired, he decided to study the architecture of the goalkeeper gloves, looked for the best materials, spoke with the best designers and created the Elitekeepers goalkeeper brand.

Elitekeepers is an online store for cheap football goalkeeper and at affordable prices. We work the best goalkeeper gloves in the world. On our website you can find high, medium and low -end gloves at unbeatable prices.

Among our gloves brands, we must highlight: Adidas goalkeeper gloves, Ho Soccer gloves, Uhlsport gloves and our own EK goalkeeper gloves.

The gloves that we sell are manufactured by hand, in addition, we use top quality materials that together with the latest technology make the result extraordinary.

The advantage of our Elitekeepers online store is in the goalkeeper gloves!

What football gloves do we offer in Elitekeepers?

Our goalkeeper online store is designed for goalkeepers of all ages and all categories. We have a wide variety of cheap and good goalkeeper gloves.

Here you will find from children's gloves, to professional goalkeeper gloves.

Our soccer goalkeeper are manufactured with top quality noble materials. We sell top quality goalkeeper gloves.

Our goalkeeper gloves brands manufacture their products with patented latex, with an exclusive formula to achieve an incomparable grip and durability. The best professional goalkeeper gloves are in our catalog.

These mentioned benefits are those that have led us to manufacture and sell the best gloves for soccer goalkeepers.

Our customers prefer to buy goalkeeper gloves in elitekeepers for their design, grip and durability.

Only football goalkeepers looking for gloves with the maximum benefits want Elitekeepers.

Types of palms in the goalkeeper gloves:

- Palma Flat goalkeeper

- Hybrid palm gaunts

- Negative palm gaunts

- Palma Rollfinger goalkeeper

Types of goalkeeper gloves according to their characteristics:

- Artificial Cedel goalkeeper

- Water palm gaunts

- Child goalkeeper

- Porter gloves with protections

Advantages of buying goalkeeper gloves in elitekeepers

Online purchase is increasingly used by a greater number of people. Buying online goalkeeper gloves has many advantages.

Online purchase is more convenient since you can do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do not wait for big queues and you have the whole collection with the naked eye.

Do not miss the opportunity to see our entire collection of online goalkeeper gloves on the web. Buy goalkeeper gloves with the elitekeepers warranty

Our goalkeeper gloves section offers many advantages. Some of the benefits of buying goalkeeper gloves in our online store are:

✓ Free delivery in orders greater than € 50

✓ Free sizes changes

✓ We manufacture goalkeeper gloves for all ages

✓ Our goalkeeper gloves are manufactured with at least 80% latex

✓ 100% safe payments

✓ Save time

✓ Open 24 hours a day

Now you can buy professional soccer goalkeeper with the elitekeepers warranty!


The most popular goalkeeper gloves:

Ho Soccer goalkeeper gloves

Adidas goalkeeper gloves

Keepersport goalkeeper

Elite goalkeeper gloves

UHLSPORT goalkeeper gloves


Frequent questions

What goalkeeper gloves are better?

Today, it is very difficult to affirm that goalkeeper gloves are the best due to the varied offer that exists. There are two key points to choose the best goalkeeper glove well. One of the points is knowing how to choose the type of palm, the performance depends on it. The latex and cutting are some of the characteristics that you must take into account when analyzing this first point. The other point is to know how to select the goalkeeper gloves that is manufactured with the materials that most adapt to your tastes, from textile to the neoprene, the amount of materials used in manufacturing is very varied. If you want to know more, in Elitekeepers we have a specific post where we clarify the best goalkeeper gloves for you.

How to wash goalkeeper gloves?

Next we explain how to wash the goalkeeper gloves. On the one hand, it is not advisable to wash them very frequently, but it is not good to keep them dirty. A correct cleaning of goalkeeper gloves could prolong the useful life of the glove. In the market there are some special goalkeeper gloves, but neutral soap can also be used. To clean your goalkeeper gloves you only need a container with warm or temperate water, a clean towel and neutral soap. The secret is to renew the water every time it is very dirty, not rub hard on the latex and let dry in a fresh and dry place, far from any heat source.

Where to buy goalkeeper gloves?

It is currently very easy to buy goalkeeper gloves. There are several specialized stores in the sale of soccer goalkeeper gloves. Among them is Elitekeepers, an online store specializing in gloves and sports material for soccer goalkeepers of all ages. Among the benefits of buying online goalkeeper in elitekeepers we can highlight: free shipping costs from € 50, free size changes, sale of the best brands of gloves, 100% insurance payments, time savings and comfort and open the 24 hours a day.

Purchase goalkeeper gloves in Elitekeepers!