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List of products by brand Uhlsport

Goalkeeper gloves Uhlsport

Discover the collection of gloves from the Uhlsport brand that we have selected at Elitekeepers. Uhlsport is a brand specialized in goalkeepers. Confidence, courage and the constant drive to improve. Not only to play, but to be among the best. Choose the model of Uhlsport gloves that you like the most and defend the goal in complete safety!

Do you know the brand Uhlsport?

The Uhlsport goalkeeper brand began its journey in 1948 in Swabia (Germany), it is currently an international goalkeeper brand. As we have previously mentioned, the Uhlsport brand is known throughout the world. Famous for the use of technology and development in the manufacture of material for soccer goalkeepers.

What gloves does Uhlsport offer?

Uhlsport brand patents and innovations revolutionize the modern soccer goal in every collection. Uhslport gloves latex and foam, cuts and constructions form an extensive range for use in all world leagues, age groups and price ranges. At Uhlsport they are goalkeeper experts.

Goalkeepers are the backbone of a team, your mistakes are mercilessly punished, at Uhlsport they know it. A soccer goalkeeper only works with the best equipment. For this reason, Uhlsport is specialized in the highest requirements of goalkeepers.

The Uhlsport catalog is very extensive. Among its collections we can find everything from Uhlsport child goalkeeper gloves to Uhlsport shin guards.

Buy Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves at Elitekeepers

Buying Uhlsport brand goalkeeper gloves at Elitekeepers is very easy. To do this, you have to browse our Uhlsport section. Select the model that you like the most and finalize the purchase. Payments on our website are 100% secure.

We will send your order on the same day and you will receive it in 24/48 hours. In addition, shipping costs are free from €50. Do not hesitate any longer, and buy Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves with total security at Elitekeepers.

€72.24 €84.99 -15%

Long-sleeved thermal football goalkeeper shirt with protections

Model Uhlsport Bionikframe Baselater Black Edition

€55.21 €64.95 -15%

Uhlsport Bionikframe soccer goalkeeper training thermal shorts with protections


€38.21 €44.95 -15%

Uhlsport Bionikframe Soccer Goalkeeper Training Non-Padded Thermal Short Tights


€93.46 €109.95 -15%

Uhlsport Horizon Absolutgrip+ HN Pro gloves in white, with semi-negative cut, exceptional grip, greater flexibility and closure with Dual Fix system.

€118.96 €139.95 -15%

Uhlsport Horizon Supergrip + HN Gloves

Goalkeeper gloves with hybrid cut: Negative and Roll

Professional goalkeeper gloves

€84.96 €99.95 -15%

Uhlsport Powerline Absolutgrip Finger Surround glove in red and black, with finger surround cut, breathable fabric, comfort, for all weather conditions and absolutgrip foam.

€76.46 €89.95 -15%

Uhlsport Powerline Absolutgrip HN goalkeeper gloves. Features: Gloves with patented Absolutgrip latex, hybrid-semi-negative palm cut, light neoprene body and adjustable velcro closure.

€118.96 €139.95 -15%

Uhlsport Powerline Elite Supergrip Goalkeeper Gloves

Goalkeeper gloves with hybrid cut: Negative and Roll

Professional goalkeeper gloves

€110.50 €130.00 -15%

Uhlsport Powerline Hyperflex HN goalkeeper glove in red and black, with negative cut (NC), cushioning, friction, contact surface, durability, lightness and elasticity.

€59.50 €70.00 -15%

Uhlsport Powerline Supersoft HN goalkeeper glove in black and red, with negative cut (NC), supersoft latex, breathable glove fabric and wraparound latex strap closure.

€67.96 €79.95 -15%

Uhlsport Speed Contact Absolutgrip HN gloves in white, with hybrid cut, velcro closure, comfortable and light, neoprene exterior, for hard ground, foam palm.

€118.96 €139.95 -15%

Uhlsport Speed Contact Aquagrip HN Gloves

Goalkeeper gloves with hybrid cut: Negative and Roll

Professional goalkeeper gloves