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Goalkeeper training equipment

In this section you will find a selection of training material for goalkeepers.

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KEEPERDUMMY soccer figures

The advantages of Keepersport soccer figures:

>> cheap!

>> Material: light, flexible and more resistant (for example, against impacts from studs or weather)

>> human form

>> reasonable placement of the water tank

>> Practical and flexible training design

€13.22 €20.00

Neck protector Adidas Tiro Neckwarmer

black color

€22.10 €37.95

Cap with neck protector Adidas Condivo Neckwarmer

black color

€30.03 €33.00 -9%

Adidas Tiro League FP Spielerhandschuhe Winter Gloves

A fitted design with a negative cut that keeps them in place while you give it your all. Inserts on the fingers allow you to grip the ball better