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Accessories for soccer goalkeepers

In this section you will discover the best selection of soccer goalkeeper accessories.

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€16.96 €19.95 -15%



- The latest in glove care.

€33.96 €39.95 -15%

Glove Glu MEGAgrip Glove Care System set that includes the Premium Glove Wash & Prepare spray (120ml) + Glovefresh (120ml) + MEGAgrip glove (120ml).

€19.98 €39.95 -50%

Glove Glu goalkeeper gloves spray pack that will improve the grip and performance of all goalkeeper gloves, whether in dry climates or rainy conditions. This pack consists of a spray specially designed for humid weather conditions, the original spray that improves your grip in dry weather conditions and the megagrip spray for when you need extra grip.

€17.48 €34.95 -50%

Spray Glove Glu x Ks MEGAGrip Handschuhspray to regenerate any type of goalkeeper glove palm, with 120 ml and 25% more resistant than the original for maximum grip recovery.

€6.00 €12.00 -50%

Keepersport Aqua Glue Goalkeeper Glove Gel

Keepersport Aqua Glue football glove glue is a novelty on the market. After various research and test evaluations on amateur, semi-professional and especially professional goalkeepers, a special "glue" for goalkeeper gloves could finally be created. This gel glue increases the grip of goalkeeper gloves, especially in wet weather conditions and is water repellent when it rains.

€11.00 €20.00 -45%

Keepersport goalkeeper bag in white

Keepersport glove bag in white, highly durable, protective, with zipper and comfortable to carry.

€25.74 €33.00 -22%

Adidas Tiro League FP Spielerhandschuhe Winter Gloves

A fitted design with a negative cut that keeps them in place while you give it your all. Inserts on the fingers allow you to grip the ball better

€29.60 €37.95 -22%

Cap with neck protector Adidas Condivo Neckwarmer

black color

€15.60 €20.00 -22%

Neck protector Adidas Tiro Neckwarmer

black color

€77.00 €110.00 -30%

Keepersport Handheld Soccer Rebounder

Size: 61x61cm

€84.00 €120.00 -30%

KEEPERDUMMY soccer figures

The advantages of Keepersport soccer figures:

>> cheap!

>> Material: light, flexible and more resistant (for example, against impacts from studs or weather)

>> human form

>> reasonable placement of the water tank

>> Practical and flexible training design

€10.16 €11.95 -15%

Glove Glu Odor Eliminator Spray


- The ultimate in glove care.

Accessories are essential to complete your goalkeeper equipment. In Elitekeepers we know them for that, we have created an exclusive section of goalkeeper accessories at a good price so you can buy them.

Goalkeeper accessories in Elitekeepers

Discover all the goalkeeper accessories we have available at Elitekeepers and get ready to be a fully equipped goalkeeper.

In Elitekeepers we can boast of having the best accessories for cheap goalkeepers that you can find throughout the network. And if you don't believe it, you just have to take a walk through our goalkeeper accessories section.

Aware that goalkeeper accessories are essential to be fully equipped, we have prepared a selection of items from the best brands of soccer goalkeeper that will conquer you. It will be a real crush at first sight.

You can get the soccer goalkeeper accessories from brands like: Rinat, One Gloves or Kaliaaer. Always with highly competitive prices, we offer you the opportunity to choose from a selection of goalkeeper accessories that stand out for their quality, durability and price.

We have goalkeeper accessories of all types

No matter what type of goalkeeper accessory you are looking for, it is that at Elitekeepers we have all the football goalkeeper accessories and different models that you can imagine.

Why buy goalkeeper accessories online at Elitekeepers?

When shopping at Elitekeepers you will enjoy multiple advantages, we strive hard to offer the greatest variety of goalkeeper accessories at the best prices.

In our online store, in addition to buying accessories for goalkeepers of the best brands in the market, we offer you the opportunity to renew your accessories without having to leave home. All you need is to be connected to an internet network. You enter, you choose the goalkeeper accessories that you like the most and we deliver it to you at home.

If your order exceeds € 50, we deliver your soccer goalkeeper accessories for free. And if you want to make any changes, you can also do it for free.