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Negative Cut Gloves ® Elitekeepers

Welcome to our section of negative cut gloves, it is a type of cut where the outer seams end inwards giving a great sensation of comfort and safety when competing.

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€125.99 €139.99 -10%

Uhlsport Powerline Supergrip+ HN Gloves Mike Maignan Special Edition

€71.99 €79.99 -10%

Uhlsport Powerline Absolutgrip HN Mike Maignan Special Edition goalkeeper gloves. Features: Gloves with patented Absolutgrip latex, negative palm cut, lightweight neoprene body and adjustable velcro closure.

€58.50 €65.00 -10%

Adidas Predator Pro Kids Solar Energy Gloves

Goalkeeper gloves with Negative cut

Goalkeeper gloves for kids

€76.50 €90.00 -15%

KEEPERsport Varan 7 Champ NC Aqua Gloves

Goalkeeper gloves with Negative cut

Professional goalkeeper gloves.

€52.50 €75.00 -30%

Adidas Predator League NC Marinerush Gloves

Goalkeeper gloves with Negative cut

Professional goalkeeper gloves

€22.48 €44.95 -50%

Elitekeepers René Higuita Limited Edition 4 Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves - Numbered Series.

Goalkeeper gloves with Negative cut

Kids Goalkeeper Gloves - Sizes 3 to 11


Uhlsport Powerline Supersoft HN goalkeeper glove in black and red, with negative cut (NC), supersoft latex, breathable glove fabric and wraparound latex strap closure.


Uhlsport Powerline Absolutgrip HN goalkeeper gloves. Features: Gloves with patented Absolutgrip latex, hybrid-semi-negative palm cut, light neoprene body and adjustable velcro closure.


Uhlsport Speed Contact Absolutgrip HN gloves in white, with hybrid cut, velcro closure, comfortable and light, neoprene exterior, for hard ground, foam palm.

€28.00 €40.00 -30%

With these Puma gloves in blue you will be optimally equipped between your posts and ready to block any shot that comes your way.


The FUTURE Ultimate NC goalkeeper gloves are a special edition designed for the most important matches. They feature a slim fit for maximum ball feel, additional latex for improved grip, and compression wrists to help you catch every last shot.


Puma Ultra Pro KsEdition goalkeeper gloves in white and orange are a high-performance piece designed to take your game to the next level. These striking gloves will provide you with grip, comfort and optimal protection during matches and training sessions.

Main characteristics of the gloves with Negative cut

The Negative cut is a very tight and comfortable type of goalkeeper glove cut but with less contact surface with the ball in blocks.

If you're a goalie who likes to go stomping and have great confidence wherever you go, the negative palm cut is perfect for you.

Buying gloves with a negative palm has never been so easy

If you want to buy gloves with a negative palm, we guarantee that you have never had it as easy as at Elitekeepers. Because? Because we have a wide variety of different models from the best brands, at the best prices.

If all this seemed little to you, what would you think of being able to buy goalkeeper gloves with a negative palm directly through our online store? Yes, no more having to travel to get negative cut gloves, since now all you need is to be connected to the Internet.

You enter, choose the glove with a negative cut that you like the most and we will take care of delivering them to your home. What more could you want?

We have the highest quality and cheap negative cut gloves you need

In our online store you can buy cheap negative gloves of the highest quality. We offer you the opportunity to choose among the latest models, because we have an exciting collection that will leave you speechless, adapting perfectly to your style and your needs.

Why buy gloves with a negative palm online at Elitekeepers?

Buying gloves with a negative cut online at Elitekeepers will be a success, since you will be able to get models from the best brands on the market, at the most competitive prices you can imagine, without having to travel. Buy your gloves with a negative cut and receive them at home in record time.

We are open 24 hours a day, including Sundays and holidays, so any time will be a good time to buy cheap negative cut gloves.

In addition, we have the best catalog of gloves with a negative palm. What are you waiting for?

If you want to see all our models, visit our goalkeeper gloves section, we have a great selection of brands at Elitekeepers.

Types of palms in goalkeeper gloves:

- Goalkeeper gloves flat palm

Goalkeeper gloves with hybrid palm

Goalkeeper gloves rollfinger palm

Types of goalkeeper gloves according to their characteristics:

Artificial grass goalkeeper gloves

Water palm goalkeeper gloves

Goalkeeper gloves with protections