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List of products by brand Glove Glu

Glove glue

Discover the collection of goalkeeper gloves and accessories from the Glove Glu brand. The Glove Glu brand began by manufacturing a spray for goalkeeper gloves to have better grip. A spray that could improve the grip of the glove in any condition.

Now Glove Glu is the world's leading brand in the manufacture of goalkeeper glove care products.

Do you know the Glove Glu brand?

The Glove Glu brand was born thinking that glove manufacturers spent endless hours striving to make their latex as sticky as possible, but found that this was compromised due to palm deterioration. So they thought, why don't we develop a Glove glu aerosol that can increase grip at a competitive price?

In 2021 Glove Glu was born, it was born with the purpose of making your gloves last longer and improve grip.

What products does Glove Glu offer?

Glove Glu manufactures products that improve the grip and durability of goalkeeper gloves. They are currently developing products with Gloveglu technology for any type of sport in which gloves are used.

In addition, Glove Glu is manufacturing and developing goalkeeper gloves and accessories for sports training.

Among the most outstanding products of Glove Glu we can mention:

-Glove Glu megagrip

-Glove Glu Spray

-Glove Glu aqua grip

Buy Glove Glu items at Elitekeepers

At Elitekeepers we are aware of the importance of maintaining and caring for goalkeeper gloves. For this reason, for a season now, we have added the Glove Glu brand to our catalogue. Buying Glove Glu brand items on our website is very easy. To do this, you just have to browse the Glove Glu brand section, select the Gloveglu aerosol spray that best suits you and finalize the purchase.

Plus now also Glove Glu gloves. And if you are looking for a cheap Glove Glu item, subscribe to our newsletter and you will be the first to find out about all our discounts and promotions.

Payments in our online store are 100% secure. In addition, we send it to your home on the same day with an estimated delivery time of 24/48 hours. Don't wait any longer and buy Glove Glu brand items at Elitekeepers!

€53.96 €59.95 -10%

7-Piece Glu Core Glove Pack


- The ultimate in glove care.

€20.66 €22.95 -10%

Glove Glu Care Essentials Torwart-Pflege


- The ultimate in glove care.

€10.76 €11.95 -10%

Glove Glu Odor Eliminator Spray


- The ultimate in glove care.

€19.98 €39.95 -50%

Glove Glu goalkeeper gloves spray pack that will improve the grip and performance of all goalkeeper gloves, whether in dry climates or rainy conditions. This pack consists of a spray specially designed for humid weather conditions, the original spray that improves your grip in dry weather conditions and the megagrip spray for when you need extra grip.

€35.96 €39.95 -10%

Glove Glu MEGAgrip Glove Care System set that includes the Premium Glove Wash & Prepare spray (120ml) + Glovefresh (120ml) + MEGAgrip glove (120ml).

€16.16 €17.95 -10%

Spray Glove Glu Grip Handschuhspray


- The ultimate in glove care.

€17.48 €34.95 -50%

Spray Glove Glu x Ks MEGAGrip Handschuhspray to regenerate any type of goalkeeper glove palm, with 120 ml and 25% more resistant than the original for maximum grip recovery.