Elitekeepers Olimpo Series Goalkeeper Gloves

Welcome to the Elitekeepers Olympus Series - "The Home of the Gods". Inspired by the majesty of the Olympian gods, the Elitekeepers Olympus series of goalkeeper gloves is designed to take your performance to the next level. In football, exceptional grip is essential, and that is why, at Elitekeepers, we have developed this series of gloves that not only meet expectations, but exceed them. Discover why the Olimpo Series is the definitive choice for goalkeepers who seek the best in every stop.

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Main Features of the EK Olimpo Series Goalkeeper Gloves

Professional Latex Palm

Our gloves are equipped with “EK CONTACT SUPERGRIP EVOLUTION” technology, a 4mm thick professional grade latex that ensures supreme grip in both dry and wet conditions. This special contact latex guarantees optimal sensitivity to the ball and allows natural mobility of the hand, offering the best possible grip from the first use.

Palm Court

The Olimpo series features a cut with side openings and EK maximum control technology. The thumb is partially covered in latex to provide greater grip at critical points. The blue palm includes additional coverage on the outer back and fingertips, providing a great feeling of control and security.

Modern and Flexible Back

The back of these gloves is made with Soft Tech Body fabric, which allows excellent breathability, making the gloves light, comfortable and flexible. The white back design with print includes innovative 3D silicone elements in the fist release area, offering cushioning and precision without compromising mobility.

Comfortable Interior

The interior of the gloves features a 4mm foam lining with super absorbent thermal technology, which not only absorbs sweat but also combats the appearance of odors. This lining provides a feeling of comfort and well-being, making the gloves very armed and comfortable.

Secure Wrist Closure

The elastic double-turn wrist closure system ensures a perfect fit, providing the necessary support during impacts and preventing any slipping. This closure ensures that the gloves remain firmly in place throughout the match.

Experience Evolution

The Olimpo series is an evolution of the popular One series, improved through intensive testing and development. All goalkeepers will love the exceptional grip and unmatched comfort of these gloves.

Discover the Elitekeepers Olympus Series and take your game to the level of the gods. Buy goalkeeper gloves now and feel the difference!