Elite Lion Goalkeeper Gloves

Elite Lion goalkeeper gloves

Goalkeeper gloves Elite Sport - Goalkeeping.

Elite Lion Model

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Elite Lion soccer goalkeeper gloves.

Main features of Elite Lion soccer goalkeeper gloves:

-Palm: Natural latex with 4 mm thickness, Elite CONTACT M latex + 4 mm inner foam lining.

It is a professional glove ideal for dry and wet terrain.

-Palm cut: Hybrid Roll Cut with latex turn on the thumb and outside of the palm eliminating dead grip.

It is a very armed glove, it offers the entire possible latex surface for greater grip and safety in each lock.

- Back / Back: Natural latex with 3D Embossing 4 mm of latex GS + 4 mm of inner foam lining and fabric with ventilation technology, Air Ventilation Management AVM.

One of the novelties of Elite, 3D printing and area for impact of fists.

-Close / Wristband: 10 cm wide elastic bracelet, 9 cm natural latex strap for a perfect fit.

-Protection on fingers: 4 removable protections.

-Terms of use: Ideal for wet terrain.

All our goalkeeper gloves are manufactured at least 80% latex.

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