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One Gloves SLYR Pure Goalkeeper Gloves

One Gloves SLYR Pure goalkeeper gloves

One Gloves SLYR Pure football goalkeeper gloves

Hybrid palm-cut goalie gloves

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One Gloves SLYR Pure football goalkeeper gloves

Hybrid palm-cut goalie gloves

The One Gloves SLYR Pure goalkeeper glove combines the best elements of flexibility, padding and design to offer one of our best models to date. Developed with a material based on the lower back, it eliminates the typical "grouping" of latex that is seen in so many gloves and fuses it with silicone and latex elements carefully placed on the top, ensuring padding and protection without compromising comfort .

Main features of the One Gloves SLYR Pure soccer goalkeeper gloves:

-Palm: Gloves with professional-grade contact latex white 4 mm thick.

-Palm cut: Palm with Hybrid cut with X-Wrap Control ™ technology, double palm and thumb latex wrap. This not only gives you additional coverage of latex and grip on the edge of the hand, but also locks it in place giving a more secure and controlled feeling. In addition, the system has specific cuts within the envelope itself to offer additional flexibility, which ensures that safe and controlled does not mean strict and restricted.

The latex presented in the Pure Glove is our proven professional grade contact latex, used by all our professionals until the English Premier League. It is an excellent dry latex and will also work very well in the rain, as it provides you with an excess of liquid as you would with any glove. If you can beat the English weather, you know it's good.

- Back / Back: New Speck Mesh ™ technology, the perfect combination of comfort and padding. Punching zone with integrated flexible cuts for easy movement

-Closure / Wristband: Classic elastic wristband system with MidSplit® strap. Our registered brand Midsplit® belt system has it covered. It combines elements of a traditional latex strap with an elastic medium, combining the best of both worlds. Latex fans have that classic construction feel, while if you ever need that extra tension, the mid-base elastic insert offers it.

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