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List of products by brand One Gloves

Goalkeeper gloves The One Glove

At Elitekeepers we are the official distributors of the goalkeeper gloves brand The One Gloves. In our online store you will find a wide variety of The One Gloves Company products.

Do you know the brand The One Gloves Company?

The One Glove Company was founded in 2004 in the UK upon discovering a clear need in the market for an affordable goalkeeper glove that was a professional level product.

The reality is that every pair of goalkeeper gloves has a shelf life and many players, parents and coaches find it difficult to make a new purchase.

At One gloves its roots are deeply rooted in soccer and grassroots training, which is why this gave birth to the company along with its ideologies.

What soccer goalkeeper gloves does The One Gloves Company offer?

The One Gloves extensively surveys the market from international goalkeepers to amateur league goalkeepers to find the attributes needed to make the highest quality glove for all levels of the game.

Many glove prototypes with latex, thickness and style combinations were tried and tested enlisting the help of some of the game's most experienced goalkeeper players and trainers.

Today, not only are high-level goalkeepers putting their careers and confidence in One Gloves, but we have expanded into a wide range of products that are constantly evolving; offering professional teams for goalkeepers of all levels, whatever your requirements, from Sunday League to Premier League.

With all the models offered by professional goalkeepers around the world, you are guaranteed a quality glove that has stood the test of time for more than a decade: when you choose "ONE" gloves, you make the right choice, you make the choice. professional.

Buy One Gloves soccer goalkeeper gloves with the Elitekeepers guarantee

Now buying goalkeeper gloves from the One Gloves brand is very easy. At Elitekeepers we have extensive experience in the sale and distribution of equipment for soccer goalkeepers.

The One Gloves goalkeeper gloves that you buy from us are of the same quality and craftsmanship that we provide to professionals around the world and that is something we are very proud of.

We not only pioneered such quality and accessibility, we did it too. And we continue to deliver more than a decade later.

"We are the original alternative, we are The One Glove"

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