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List of products by brand Rinat

Rinat Sport goalkeeper gloves

The Rinat Sport brand for soccer goalkeepers was born in Mexico. In this section you will discover a great selection of Rinat products.

Do you know the Rinat Sport brand?

The Rinat brand of gloves for soccer goalkeepers was born in Mexico by the hand of Héctor Castro. Its creator was inspired by the Russian goalkeeper Rinat Dasáyev.

Soccer has been the passion of this goalkeeper-turned-businessman, who since the 1980s had Russian goalkeeper Rinat Dasáyev as an idol.

His father was a fur seller and owner of a "small" shoe workshop, where the creator of the Rinat brand helped in the craft of cutting and sewing.

Hector added synthetic materials and began designing gloves for friends and fellow goalkeepers.

Hector started selling gloves among his friends, and when he had to name the brand, without hesitation he called it "Rinat".

Rinat gloves have been fitting the prodigious hands of great goalkeepers around the world. Today, Rinat dresses about 500 goalkeepers from the first division of leagues from around the world.

What gloves does Rinat offer?

Rinat manufactures goalkeeper gloves for all ages. You can find, from Rinat goalkeeper gloves for children, to professional Rinat gloves.

It has a wide variety of different palm cuts and most importantly, its evolution has been constant since its creation.

Currently you have Rinat goalkeeper gloves with the latest technology integrated into their manufacture.

Buy Rinat goalkeeper gloves with the Elitekeepers guarantee

Buying Rinat gloves in our online store is very easy. You just have to browse the Rinat brand section and select the Rinat glove that you like best.

Buying Rinat goalkeeper gloves has never been easier. Also, with the Elitekeepers guarantee.

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