Elitekeepers. Our company

Dedicated to the fighting spirit that Moms and Dads have.

A former professional goalkeeper, along with a father who follows his son's (goalkeeper) training sessions and matches. He noted that he had to frequently change his son's gloves due to deterioration, while the boots and equipment remained clean and in good condition. Tired of continually buying new gloves, the father scoured the market for quality gloves at a good price and came up empty handed.

Tired of searching, the father decided to study the architecture of goalkeeper gloves, hoping to find quality options for his son and other children who love this delicate position in the world of football.

The result "ELITEKEEPERS". The father, along with his former professional goalkeeper partner, designed and manufactured affordable, well-crafted professional goalkeeper gloves that compete with the biggest brands in the sport.

Thus Elitekeepers was born!

That father and founder is Manuel Flores. He is the founding father and main architect of the Elitekeepers goalkeeper gloves. His partner, Daniel Miguélez, is the person in charge of managing the company.

Our story begins in 2009, when the Elitekeepers brand was born.

We are a Spanish brand. Our offices are located in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz)

Our models are made with a minimum of 80% latex and we manufacture with top quality materials

Regarding technology, we take great care in the composition of the latex that we mount on our models. The anatomy of our models is also a very important aspect for us, both characteristics are taken care of in detail so that our models have a high quality and adapt perfectly to the hand of our clients.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide durable, professional-quality soccer goalkeeper gear at affordable prices to soccer goalkeepers of all ages around the world. So we are sure that skill and quality, and not price, will determine the outcome of the match.

We believe that to be successful there must be a series of conditions:

- Quality in the design and technology for its manufacture.

- Quality in the raw materials used for manufacturing.

- Fair price

- Excellent service and attention to our customers.