Elitekeepers water palm goalie gloves

In Elitekeepers we know that safety in the hands on rainy days is very important, so we have created this section, where you will find goalkeeper gloves with palm for water.

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  • Color: Red

Rinat Superior Phoenix Pro Red / Blue Gloves

Goalkeeper glove very tight to the hand. Experience a great sense of comfort when coming into contact with the ball. Very light and moldable glove.

Conditions of use: All weather.

Natural terrain.

Use: High performance training and matches.


Elitekeepers EK Pro soccer goalkeeper gloves

Hybrid Cut Goalie Gloves - Roll / Negative

Professional goalkeeper gloves

€109.80 €122.00 -10%

Ho Soccer Phenomenon Magnetic II Skull Red Gloves

Goalkeeper gloves with palm cut Negative.

Special features of goalkeeper gloves for water

The goalkeeper gloves for water have a specific latex that makes it grip approximately 40% more, on rainy days and in wet terrain.

The goalkeeper gloves with a specific palm of water have an excellent grip in the worst weather conditions.

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