Elitekeepers EK Devil Gloves
red goalkeeper gloves
Adult goalkeeper gloves
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Elitekeepers EK Devil Gloves
red goalkeeper gloves
Adult goalkeeper gloves
elite gloves for kids

Elitekeepers EK Devil goalkeeper gloves

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Elitekeepers EK Pro soccer goalkeeper gloves

Hybrid Cut Goalie Gloves - Roll / Negative

Professional goalkeeper gloves


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Elitekeepers EK Pro goalkeeper gloves

The One Series of Elitekeepers goalkeeper gloves, the first and most affordable line of gloves created by our brand. Designed to offer the best quality at an affordable price, this series is ideal for goalkeepers looking for exceptional performance without breaking the bank.

The Elitekeepers One Series represents the perfect combination of quality and price. If you are looking for a goalkeeper glove that offers durability, excellent grip and comfort, this is undoubtedly your best option. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, Series One gloves are designed to help you perform at your best in every match.

Key Features of the Elitekeepers EK Devil Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves:

-Palm: Professional grade 4 mm thick “EK CONTACT SUPREGRIP” contact latex gloves.

Extendable palm to the base of the glove with our 3D EK latex xtension system. Additional latex piece that covers the base of the palm to make it more durable. In addition, our 3D printing on the latex gives you a more optimal grip.

-Palm cut: Hybrid Cut – Roll/Negative with EK maximum control technology. Thumb completely covered in latex. Palm with additional coverage on the outer back and fingertips. This not only gives you additional latex coverage and grip on fingers and the edge of your hand, it conveys a great feeling of control and security.

In addition, the palm has specific cuts that offer extra flexibility and mobility in the hand.

It is an excellent latex, it works on both wet and dry fields.

-Back/Back: Light and flexible one-piece neoprene construction. It has 3D silicone injection to cushion impacts during punch clearances.

-Lining/interior: 4 mm foam lining with thermal and super absorbent technology. Absorbs sweat, combating the appearance of odors. In addition to providing a pleasant feeling of comfort, well-being and making it a very armed glove.

-Closure/Wristband: Double elastic wrist closure system.

-Finger protection: Without finger protection.

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