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Football inflatable doll KEEPERDUMMY

Football inflatable doll KEEPERDUMMY

KEEPERDUMMY inflatable football doll with two legs

The advantages of Keepersport soccer figures:

>> cheap!

>> Material: light, flexible and more resistant (for example, against impacts from heels or weather)

>> human form

>>reasonable placement of water tank

>> Practical and flexible training design

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KEEPERDUMMY inflatable football doll with two legs

DURABLE MATERIALS: Its durable construction ensures longevity and strength, while the 40kg weight provides stability and firmness.

INFLATABLE: The KEEPERdummy is inflatable and can reach a height of 198 cm (~6.5 feet) as well as a width of 75 cm (~2.4 feet). Create a realistic training environment.

PRACTICAL HANDLES: Use the two side handles to transport it. CAUTION: Do not push or pull on hard surfaces to avoid damaging the material.

TWO LEGS!: The innovative two legs offer flexibility, allowing them to be placed up to 110 cm (~3.6 ft) apart to simulate various play situations.

Discover the collection of soccer equipment we have this season at Elitekeepers.

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