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Soccer goalkeeper gloves Corte Flat

Soccer goalkeeper gloves flat cut, the most basic and traditional goalkeeper gloves cut.

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This type of palm cut is the most basic and standard. It is used by most brands. All the goalkeepers have used it in our beginnings.

Main features of goalie gloves with Flat cut

Since the first gloves appeared, until now, it has been a long time. As we have said before, Flat cut gloves are the most traditional.

Goalkeeper gloves with Flat cut stand out for being a flat cut. Its appearance is flat.

Due to their structure, Flat-cut gloves have less cushioning. This is due to the fact that the different pieces that form this type of cut are more extended.

Advantages of flat-cut gloves

The strong point of the gloves with Flat cut, is that because the palm is more extended and flat, it has better grip. The surface of the Flat palm is larger and this provides more points of contact with the ball.

This advantage makes it an ideal glove for starting goalkeepers. Although, the Flat cut is also used by professional goalkeepers.

These are the main advantages of buying soccer goalkeeper gloves with Flat palm in our store are:

- Goalkeeper gloves with Flat cut of the most outstanding brands.

- Free delivery on orders over € 50.

- Free changes.

- 100% secure payment.

- Time and comfort savings.

- Open 24 hours.

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