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Soccer rebounders

Discover the collection of soccer rebounders in this section.

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Keepersport Handheld Soccer Rebounder

Size: 61x61cm

Get the most out of your training with our soccer rebounders, improve your coordination and reflexes with specific training for goalkeepers.

What is a soccer rebounder?

A soccer rebounder is a structure, usually a frame in the shape of a square or rectangle, made of some type of resistant material such as metal or plastic. Inside this frame and anchored to it with springs or some elastic material, there is a net or mesh that facilitates the rebounding effect of balls.

The rebound effect that a rebounder has allows you to work on agility and reflexes by performing specific training sessions.

Function and types of ball rebounder?

The ball rebounder is a fundamental element to improve technique, agility, speed and reflexes. They are valid for collective and individual training and can be used manually or in circuits.

Regarding the types of soccer rebounder we can mention the following:

Simple Rebounder: Single-sided rebounder. Within this section we can highlight those that have support, that is, a kind of tripod or leg to rest on the ground. And the most used we can call them rebounder with handles, hand rebounder or manual rebounder.

Double Rebounder: A rebounder that has two usable faces. They are usually for static use.

Multifunction rebounder: More complex rebounder than the previous ones. They have different functions and can be adjusted according to the needs of each training.

Do not hesitate and buy your soccer rebounder with the Elitekeepers guarantee!