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Guantes EK René Higuita Limited Edition 2

EK René Higuita Limited Edition 2 Gloves

Elitekeepers René Higuita Limited Edition 2 Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves - Numbered Series.

Goalkeeper gloves with Hybrid cut – Roll/Negative

Professional goalkeeper gloves

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Elitekeepers René Higuita Limited Edition 2 Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves - Numbered Series

Yes, these gloves are unique and exclusive. We present the René Higuita Limited Edition glove. All gloves from the René Higuita limited edition collection are accompanied by an exclusive card signed by René Higuita. On the back cover we explain the story of Loco Higuita's scorpion. The entire series is numbered.

The EK René Higuita series goalkeeper gloves are characterized by being exclusive. They are equipped with professional latex palm for maximum performance in all weather conditions. These gloves are designed to fit your hand perfectly for the best performance with a natural feel.

Main features of the EK René Higuita soccer goalkeeper gloves:

-Palm: Gloves with special contact Latex for dry and wet terrain “EK CONTACT SUPERGRIP HIGUITA” professional grade 4 mm thick. It guarantees optimal sensitivity on the ball and allows natural mobility of the hand.

Our “EK CONTACT SUPERGRIP HIGUITA” latex offers first-class grip on the ball, and its durability is above average.

This type of latex offers one of the best grips on the market in all weather conditions.

-Palm cut: Hybrid Cut - Roll/Negative with EK maximum control technology. Thumb partially covered in latex for greater grip in dead spots. Palm with additional coverage on the outer back and fingertips. This not only gives you additional latex coverage and grip on fingers and the edge of the hand, it conveys a great feeling of control and security.

In addition, the palm has specific cuts that offer extra flexibility and mobility in the hand.

It is an excellent latex, it works on both wet and dry fields.

-Back/Back: Light and flexible one-piece neoprene construction. It has 3D silicone injection to cushion impacts on fist clearances and cushion impacts.

The back with 3D silicone prints provides protection to the hand without obstructing mobility. It has an anti-abrasion zone.

-Lining/interior: 4 mm foam lining with thermal and super absorbent technology. Absorbs sweat, combating the appearance of odors. In addition to providing a pleasant feeling of comfort, well-being and making it a very armed glove.

-Closure/Wristband: Double-loop wrist closure system. The closure allows a perfect fit on the wrist.

-Finger protection: Without finger protection.

Without Discover the collection of goalkeeper gloves that we have this season at Elitekeepers.

K René Higuita Limited Edition 2
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