Kaliaaer Elimn8aer Roll Gloves

Kaliaaer Elimn8aer Roll Gloves

Kaliaaer Elimn8aer Roll Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves with Red Logo

Roll palm cut goalkeeper gloves

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Kaliaaer Elimn8aer Roll Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves with Red Logo


White | Red | Cool Gray | Black

Profi Grade Pre Charged latex completes functionality focused on high-end performance

Ultra Charge Pro | Preloaded latex

PRE: LOADED ready to go straight from the start

All weather - works well in wet and dry conditions

Professional Grade Latex - Provides superior grip and durability

Shoklock ready


Developed for quick access with exceptional wrist support and comfort. The glove body extends to the wrist area, providing quick hand entry.


Rollfinger cut palm. The latex wraps (Rolls) around the fingers adhere directly upside down, providing the maximum surface area of ​​the ball in the hand.

What is the Kaliaaer positive / flat cut?

- A pre-curved catching surface with reverse reverse stitching creates a super comfortable glove.

What is latex like?

- It's great, we are really proud of this development. 4mm is sealed under protective film, blocking grip. If it rains, no problem, it is as adhesive in the wet as it is in the dry.

Anything else I need to know?

- The reverse is 3mm Synthlatec. It maintains shape, provides additional protection and is water repellent.

- An ergonomically designed PunchZone aids traction and steering when striking.

- The thumb rolls from the palm side creating more latex on contact with the ball.

- An elastic bandage on the wrist ensures perfect closure, fit and comfort.

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