Gloves One Gloves SLYR LTX Blast

Gloves One Gloves SLYR LTX Blast

One Gloves SLYR LTX Blast Football Goalkeeper Gloves Blue

Negative palm cut goalkeeper gloves

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Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves One Gloves SLYR LTX Blast

Negative palm cut goalkeeper gloves

The all new SLYR LTX collection joins the existing SLYR and SLYR Lite to deliver a complete range of products that truly cater to every player. Sporting a fully latex upper and focusing on only the most essential features, the SLYR LTX is a lower priced glove built to get the job done without compromising on what you need most.

It embodies everything we stand for and what you expect from a pair of OGs - reliable grip and a great fit that doesn't two foot your wallet


  • Negative cut
  • Negative thumb
  • 4mm white all-weather Giga Grip latex
  • Extremely comfortable neoprene body with blue/purple “blast” sublimation
  • Fully latex upper
  • Rubber tabbed traditional one-piece latex strap
  • Traditional elasticated wrist entry
  • X-Wrap palm and thumb wrap control system
  • 5 x removable finger spines with hidden easy-access pouch
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